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Abstract - Abstrakt
Mission Statement

Introduction to G-D
Der dialektische Ansatz
("The Dialectical Approach" in German)


Factual Knowledge


Quadraturbedingung der Cheopspyramide
(in German)

Gustavo Vieyra
Teacher (LAUSD)
75th St. Elem. School
142 W. 75th Str.
L.A. CA 90003

1. The Thesis of Gestalt-Dialectics = Positive Transformational Universal Energies

A Pedagogical Philosophy

        From a social, historical, psychological, philosophical and theological perspective, "Gestalt-Dialectics" may be defined for all practical and philosophical purposes as the transformation of spiritual development and human consciousness into a higher level of awareness, especially in regards to cultural understanding, reasoning, ethical and moral behavior in any human being. Insofar as child development is concerned, "Gestalt-Dialectics" may be approached from a pedagogical philosophy that includes at least three major factors:

  1. Individualized Education
  2. Cultural Understanding and Reasoning
  3. Spiritual Development

        These three factors should be viewed as the end results of a transcendental pedagogical philosophy as well as the means per se. Furthermore, they are postulated as the corner stones of character and personality development, without which no transcendental education is possible.

Please open the PDF File Gestalt-Dialektik,Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis.doc in order to proceed.